5 Signs of a Fraud Contractor: Beware!

Building your dream house is one of the most important investment you can have, but doing it by yourself will be very difficult. There is good news if you want to build it without having to sacrifice your time and effort, you can hire a contractor to do the job. But you have to be really careful when choosing the right company to do it.

Here are five tips to help you identify the real contractors from the fake ones:

#1. No License or Certificate of Insurance to show.

The first thing to check from every contractor is their license to operate and certificate of insurance for their projects. If your contractor fails to show them to you, or refuses to present them during your first meeting, you better run away from such frauds.

#2. No Business Address.

If the agent does not have a business or office address, he/she is definitely a fraud! How can you locate him/her if the physical address is nowhere to be found? If in case, there is, verify the office to make sure that you are talking to the right person.

#3. Will prompt you to name all the deposits to him/her.

Fraud agents and contractors will surely prompt you to name all the deposits to him/her instead of the material suppliers. Do not be too quick to release the money and issue it to them unless you know that the account is for the supplier and not to them.

#4. Offers a very low price or promos.

When someone offers you a very low contract price or try to persuade you to avail the services that your house already has. Frauds will present very affordable offers to get you into their tricks. Be wise enough to decline such very low priced offers.

#5. Will hurry you to pay for the materials right away.

He/She will be persistent to hurry you about the payments for the construction materials, even if it has not yet been delivered. Frauds are after your money, you better not let your guard down, especially when payments are involved.

If you want to hire a trusted contractor for any construction services, you can contact TOPNOTCH Construction. You can also check their website to verify that they have a good reputation, licensed, and,  100% not fraud.


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